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Sarah Kuenyefu (Designer)

About the Designer

SARAH KUENYEFU collection started as a desire to satisfy a woman’s need for comfortable and stylish clothing that is flattering to their silhouette.
Established in 1999 in Chicago, Sarah Kuenyefu began her line of custom clothing for a few friends and clientele, an idea that was well received and has grown gradually into a community of shoppers with unique styles.

“I like to see my clients look and feel comfortable and confident in Sarah Kuenyefu clothes. The compliments they receive from others keep me motivated.”

Sarah Kuenyefu Designs

At Sarah Kuenyefu, self expression through clothing and accessories is the core of the designs we offer.
By taking into consideration the unique features of our customers, Sarah Kuenyefu’s designs celebrate diversity in silhouette in an original way.

Sarah Kuenyefu strives for customer satisfaction by creating organic designs made with quality fabrics and excellent workmanship.
The Sarah Kuenyefu brand allows our clients to build a wardrobe that is functional and timeless.
Inspired by her African heritage, Sarah Kuenyefu  has evolved her collections to be adaptable into the Western culture.

Sarah Kuenyefu Culture

Innovative designs crafted by simple and original concepts bring to life SARAH KUENYEFU collection in a unique way. The goal is to create style that fits comfortably to portray the positive image in our clientele.
As innovation is at the heart of what Sarah Kuenyefu represents, each item of clothing, accessories and jewelry is an art of divine concept brought to life.
As such, the SARAH KUENYEFU collection culture is a manifestation of our aspirations as a company and our community as a whole.

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